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 Why Buy Term Life Insurance?

If you have family members, a spouse or significant others that depend on your income, then you may want to think about purchasing term life insurance. Term Life insurance may provide the essential financial protection for those who you care about the most. The proceeds, or death benefit from a term life insurance policy may:

» replace the income lost to your spouse or family

» pay off debts and expenses

» fund a favorite charity

» cover funeral and estate expenses

» provide needed cash to business partners

**Life insurance policies receive favorable tax treatment. The proceeds payable at your death generally will be income tax-free to your beneficiaries

We can help you customize the amount of Term Insurance that might make sense for your personal situation.  As independant advisors we can help assist when searching for the lowest rates currently available to choose from among the many insurance carriers. Please call my office at 248.442.2323 if you have any questions, need assistance or would like a NO OBLIGATION REVIEW of your term insurance quote with no sales pressure. 


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